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Super Soaker 50 Reunion, Old Schools Meets Mini Version

The joy of picking up your brand new Super Soaker back in the 80's, 90's and 2000's to start your summer off with was a true pilgrimage. I remember picking my Super Soaker 50 back in 1998 from Zellers, I specifically remember it being on a sale display at one of the ends of the isles. When I brought it home I wanted to test it out and see what sort of power I had attained. Much to my surprise this water gun had distance, 50 feet to be exact hence the number 50 in the name. The more you pumped the more pressure you built up and the further it shot. It felt great in my small hands to begin with and I recall getting into all sorts of trouble with it.

Specifically, one sunny Summer weekend I was playing outside when a car was about to pass by my house, so I decided to hide behind a fire hydrant. As the driver passed I sprayed the side of his car, he stopped, got out of his car and started yelled at me so I ran inside my house. My father asked me "What's with all the panic and hurry?", so I lied and told him "Nothing". I was hoping that the driver would just go away. The door bell rang right after that and my dad looked at me with a look of suspicion. He opened the door to answer and just as I had feared the owner of the car I had just sprayed was standing out front. He was furious at my father and went on saying that his car had been waxed and what not. As a punishment my dad took my brand new water gun and confiscated it for a period of time. As the years went on, that Super Soaker 50 went on many an adventure with me to the pretend make believe world's that I went to.

Back in 2017 I tried looking for another Super Soaker, I searched and searched and was left unsatisfied with the newer renditions of the Super Soaker family. All the new versions of the Soaker felt different and nothing like the old ones I was accustomed, so I opted out of buying one. That is... until just about week ago I happened to be walking in a Toy's "R' Us and found this small key chain looking versions of the old super Soaker 50. My eyes caught sight of the colours right away, the yellow, green and orange, upon further inspection I noticed that it was a small replica of the same one I had as a kid. It became one of those hard not to purchase situations as this was a rare sight indeed and brought back many incredible memories from my childhood. Just remember "Wetter Is Better!"

PJ Toon

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