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YTV's 3 Hairy Thumbs Up

Updated: May 30, 2021

Remember this block on YTV? 3 Hairy Thumbs Up was a promo to go along with whatever movie was being shown Saturday and Sunday Afternoons on YTV. The movie in this case was Reboot: My two Bobs, this aired back in 1998, I came across it from an old VHS tape that I had found in my collection. The same day on another tape I came across an episode of the Tick from Fox Kids dating back to 1996 (Soon to come). It's always a thrill to see these old specials and promos that have never been seen in almost 20 years and just suddenly popping out of nowhere due to curious eyes.

Back to 3 Hairy Thumbs Up though, the movies more genuine and special when they where shown in this manner. Commercials can sometimes be a pain to watch but if you can remember the kids shows had far less commercials and far longer run times, unlike today where commercials take up a lot more time. The creativity and originality these bumpers brought made those commercials bearable.

The way YTV showed respect and effort towards its movie showings was nothing but superior. It made you feel like a friend had invited you over for a movie and snacks and then went give you the best seat in the house. First class treatment at it's finest id say. Even a subpar movie had flavour when it was being shown on 3 Hairy Thumbs Up. Those weekend afternoons wasted away with these images in my mind, all for a good cause. Otherwise I wouldn't have written this post.

The team of artist that worked at YTV during this period where genuine geniuses, just look at the art and stuff they came up with, it could be collected and made into an art exhibition. Not to mention the comedy that came along with those bumpers, the quirky jokes and dubbed TV show promos. The jokes and humour were never lacking and always left you smiling. It truly did make the day better watching YTV after school and on the weekends.

If there is a chance of bringing this segment back along with some of those classic bumpers and promos to YTV then ill come back and watch, but for now its back to the good old tapes for these retro eyes. I hope you too can remember the good times these YTV segments brought and how they inspired creativity in yourself and others. So let's give a big 3 Hairy Thumbs up right back at YTV and thank the for inspiring us to be weird, wacky and creative.

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